The newest version of the DFA API is now available: v1.18. This release adds support for In-Stream Video creatives and makes some assorted improvements, including better error messages and trimming out some unused fields. This post reflects just some of the changes in the release. Our updated release notes page gives you a more in-depth breakdown of what has changed since the previous version.

In-Stream Video Creatives

New to v1.18, you can create and manage your In-Stream video creatives through the API. Several new classes have been added to the creative service to represent these objects. You can expect to see examples of their use in our updated client libraries.

Capping on Page Sizes

Most get operations in the DFA API return pageable result sets. We are now beginning to enforce reasonable limits on the number of objects within an individual pages (also known as pageSize). With the release of v1.18, the placement service’s getPlacementsByCriteria operation is limited to a maximum of 1000 objects in a single page.

[Update 5/17/2012: The following list of operations has been extended as explained in this blog post.]

Beginning June 2nd, 2012, the same limit also applies for the following operations:

All affected operations will have a default page size of 1000 if a page size is not provided.

Deprecation and Sunset of Older Versions

With the the release of v1.18, version v1.16 is now deprecated. Version v1.16 will continue to be supported until June 2nd, 2012, when it will be entirely removed from service, as previously announced.

Meanwhile, version v1.17 will be deprecated in August and sunset in early September, 2012.

As always, we highly value your feedback and questions. Please join us on our forum whenever you’d like to reach us.