The newest version of the DFA API is now available: v1.17. This release includes a variety of bug fixes, many of which resolve issues that you reported on our forum. It also pares down a few outdated and unused operations.

Bug Fix Highlights

Some of the bugs tackled in this release include:

Deprecation and Sunset of v1.15

With this new release, our friend v1.15--the version from two releases ago--is now deprecated. As previously announced, we will continue to support it until March 3rd, 2012 at which time it will be entirely removed from service. Be sure to migrate any applications currently using v1.15 to one of the two supported versions by this time. Come benefit from the v1.17 fixes!

Sunset of v1.16 in Early June

Keeping with our standard release cycle, v1.16 will be sunset in early June. Please use this time window to make arrangements for migrating any v1.16 implementations before it is retired.

Complete Release Notes

This post reflects just some of the changes in the release. Our updated release notes page gives you a more in-depth breakdown of what has changed since the previous version. Please refer to this page when upgrading your applications.

As always, we highly value your feedback and questions. Please join us on our forum whenever you’d like to reach us.