v201204 of the DFP API has launched and is ready for you to explore. In this version, we’ve added custom fields, expanded team and user functionality, and updated the conversion reports columns. A full list of features can be found on our release notes page.

Custom fields

Custom fields is a new feature to the API that lets you add attributes to entities, such as orders and line items. For example, you can add your own field to a line item that would let salespeople add comments as a string. Those comments would then be placed into custom field values that are added to each line item. Support for custom fields will be coming or the DFP UI soon, but if you have this feature enabled on your network now, you’ll be able to start working with them right away.

Teams changes

The way in which users are added to teams has changed starting in v201204. In previous versions, users were added to team objects directly. Now, you can associate users and teams, much like line items and creatives. The new associations will also let you define per user permissions, such as only letting some users have read-only access.

Version deprecation reminder

As a reminder, we are retiring support for v201103, v201104, and v201107 on May 11th. If you haven’t upgraded yet, now would be a great time.

Our next hangout is May 9th and we’d love to see you there. As always, let us know if you have any questions on our forum.

 - , DFP API Team