Today, we are announcing the deprecation of versions v201103, v201104, and v201107 of the DFP API. In 3 months, on May 11th, these versions will be turned off. We are turning off older versions to make sure that everyone can benefit from the improvements in more recent releases and so that we can focus on releasing new features.

As mentioned in previous deprecation announcements, we will always give at least 3 months notice before turning off a version. Our release notes page also contains changelogs for each version, which will help you migrate to a newer version. If you aren’t using one of our client libraries, now would be a great time to start as well. If you have any feedback or comments about this deprecation, or the API in general, please feel free to leave them on our forum or join us in a future hangout on Feb 28th.

 - , DFP API Team