Help make the AdWords client libraries better by contributing to your library today! Ever wanted to see a feature implemented or fix a bug only you can recreate? Contributors share improvements, fix bugs and can even increase performance. That’s why we’ve got an easy and quick process for contributing to the client libraries.

To get involved, there’s a few simple steps. See below for an overview or scroll down for your library-specific instructions:
  1. Sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA)
    1. For individuals
    2. For companies
  2. Create a patch
  3. Notify us of your change
  4. Check for emails from a library owner

Other things to consider are the coding standards of each library, how to create a compatible patch for the library, and the process for delivering the patch. All these items are explained in the library specific instructions below.

Instructions can be found on library-specific pages:
Following these instructions will ensure your patches are accepted in the quickest possible time.

Becoming a contributor to the AdWords API client libraries is easy and rewarding. Most of us have made changes to improve the libraries, sharing them with other users makes sense. Always ensure you sign the Contributor License Agreement before attempting to contribute. Finally, don’t forget to check out the further instructions for contributing to your library.