Based on your feedback, we have made AdWords Test Accounts easier to manage and accessible via the User Interface (UI). AdWords test accounts allow execution of AdWords API requests against the production environment for development and testing purposes. All calls made with the AdWords API require a developer token, but the token doesn't have to be approved for calls made to Test Accounts. Having UI access provides a visual representation of your API changes during application testing, and assists with learning the API.

You can now create an MCC test account at All client accounts created within this MCC will also be test accounts. As a result, the web form for Test Account application is no longer needed and has been deprecated. Any pending application requests will be processed. If you have an existing test account, you may continue using it as well.

Test accounts are designated with a prominent red “This is a test account” label.

For more information about test accounts, please reach out to us on the forum or G+ page.