You may have heard that we launched local time zone reporting for AdSense, a fantastic feature for publishers far from the Pacific Time Zone (PTZ)! On the API side we’ve been asked some questions about it, as in some cases this may lead to the AdSense web interface and the AdSense Management API showing different data.

In Version 1.3 of the AdSense Management API, the report.generate call has a new, optional parameter called useTimezoneReporting. If set to true, the report will be generated in the local time zone configured in the web interface. Note that billing is still based on PTZ, so if you want to fetch actual earnings you may want to make sure that useTimezoneReporting is set to false or you might see small discrepancies.

The default value for this parameter is false resulting in PTZ being respected, as it was before the feature was added. If an AdSense user doesn’t choose a local time zone it will default to PTZ, so this parameter won’t make a difference.

Our recommendation is that developers let users choose if they want reports in their “Billing time zone” or their “Local time zone” (to match AdSense’s terminology).

Bear in mind that users changing their local time zones can generate spikes or dips in the local time zone reports, as it makes the day of the change longer or shorter.

You can read more about this in the AdSense blog, and the AdSense help center has instructions on how to enable the feature.