Just a friendly reminder that v2 of the IMA Flash SDK is deprecated. If your video player integration is still using v2, we encourage you to upgrade to v3 in order to take advantage of the following benefits:
  • Ad Rules - allow you to control when ads display in your content, customize ad load by content category, video duration, or other targeting criteria and provide a Broadcast-style viewer experience with podding. In addition, you also have the ability to target ad placement within a pod, enable frequency-capping at the pod and content level and set up competitive exclusions.
  • Optimized Pods - TV-style ad breaks consisting of multiple video ads which are algorithmically chosen to optimize for line item priority, pacing goals, and revenue (e.g., specify an ad pod duration and the ad server automatically selects ads of varying lengths that add up to your total duration).
  • A more flexible, easily customized tag-based integration with AdExchange/AdSense (versus hard coding parameters in the AdsRequest class as was the case in v2). To make use of this more streamlined implementation, see the AdsRequest section of the upgrade instructions.
  • Support for pod-, stream- or page-level competitive exclusions.
For more information about the features supported in the latest IMA SDK and examples of how to use them, see Benefits of using the IMA SDK with DFP Video. Feel free to contact us on the forum if need help with the migration. You can also reach out to us on our Google+ page.