We recently announced the ability to set an eCPM floor when making requests to the AdMob network. This post will show you how to set up this new feature to get the maximum benefit from the AdMob network.

First of all, we highly recommend that you create a new AdMob publisher ID on admob.com for each Mediation Placement you want to configure with AdMob eCPM floor. By creating a unique publisher ID, you’ll get fine grained reporting on how eCPM floor is performing on each of your placements.

Next, select Add Ad Network on your mediation placement, and add the AdMob eCPM Floor Beta network. In the Ad Network Configuration Settings, point this network to your newly created eCPM floor publisher ID.

Note: If you didn’t previously have a mediation placement, you’ll need to create a mediation placement on mediation.admob.com, and use the mediation placement ID in your application in place of your AdMob publisher ID.

Finally, you need to update your allocation to give the AdMob eCPM Floor Beta network an eCPM value. A suitable value for the eCPM floor is a value higher than the highest eCPM you’re getting from other networks.

In the sample below, Ad Network A is getting $0.37 eCPM. By setting AdMob eCPM Floor Beta slightly higher at $0.40, AdMob Mediation will first try to fetch an ad worth $0.40 eCPM from the AdMob Network. If it can’t fill that request, Mediation will try Ad network A, followed by Ad network B. If neither of those networks can fill the request, Mediation will come back to the AdMob network to fetch an ad without the eCPM floor restriction.

This new configuration will increase your ad revenue for requests fulfilled by AdMob eCPM Floor Beta, while still maintaining the same revenue from the rest of your requests where AdMob cannot fill the eCPM Floor request. You can also track your eCPM Floor performance by viewing sites and apps reporting for your newly created eCPM floor publisher ID.

If you have any questions about eCPM Floor or AdMob in general, please direct them to our forum. You can also follow us on our Google+ page to get updates on all Google ads developer products.