You spoke and we listened; we like to do that in Developer Relations! We've heard your comments regarding Google Developer Live (GDL) events and we understand that they are often key to solving complex questions you have. In order to keep up with your demand we've scheduled another round of Hangouts for all of our products over the next few months.

In the upcoming Hangouts you'll notice that we are experimenting with some new formats. On some products you'll see engineer interviews, third party product discussions, or the typical Office Hours. You can view the newly scheduled hangouts on the Google Developers events page. Please RSVP by clicking the “I’ll be there” button if you plan on attending.

In case you haven’t joined us before, you'll need four things to join the hangout:

These hangouts are informal and conversational, which make them a great place to ask questions or give us feedback. If you have questions about our GDLs, reach out to us on the forums.