Based on feedback we've heard, and to encourage continued innovation, we are making AdWords API usage free for developers, starting March 1, 2013. Adwords API preferred pricing will be retired.

Going forward, there will be two levels of API access: Basic and standard. Basic access is provided by default and allows up to 10,000 operations per day. Standard access is available to qualified developers and has no daily limit on operations. With either basic or standard access, there will be no charges for AdWords API usage.

What this means for you
If you have an approved AdWords API token and plan to execute fewer than 10,000 operations per day, there's no action needed. You're covered with basic access.

If you need more than 10,000 operations per day, then you’ll need standard access. You can apply for standard access by completing this form

Based on your history with the AdWords API and details you’ve shared with us, you might be pre-qualified for standard access. If so, we will contact you within the next week and let you know. Please keep your contact email address up-to-date in the My Client Center (MCC) account associated with your developer token. If you haven’t been contacted or if you haven’t applied for standard access by February 28th 2013, your token will only have basic access starting March 1st 2013.

Compliance with Adwords API terms
All developers using the API must comply with the AdWords API terms and conditions, including the required minimum functionality, where applicable. If you’re not in compliance, then you’ll be alerted and given a period of time to make appropriate corrections. At the end of this initial notice period, if the corrections aren’t made, then you may be given up to a 3-month extension, during which, you’ll be charged a monthly non-compliance fee ($10 for every 10,000 operations that were used in the month before you received your initial non-compliance notice). Continued non-compliance will result in API access being revoked.

More details
For more information about these changes to Adwords API pricing terms, please refer to the revised rate sheet and FAQ section on the Adwords API developer site.

Posted by S Srikanth Belwadi - Product Manager, Adwords