We recently announced that the Java DART API now has version limitations placed upon it. Going forward, we are going to only support the 4 most recent versions of this API. With a release cycle of approximately 3 months, this translates into one required update per year. Now that you may need to migrate to a newer version, we will be posting release announcements on this blog to keep you up to date.

Java DART API Releases Version 14.2

A new version of the Java DART API is now available: 14.2. There are no changes pertinent to DFA developers in this release. Since this is now the fourth officially supported version, no one needs to migrate to a newer version of the Java DART API at this time.

We strongly recommend you migrate from the Java DART API to the DFA Reporting API, our new reporting platform, at your earliest convenience.

DFA API v1.18 Sunset Pushed Back

We previously announced that version v1.18 of the DFA API would be sunset in December. This sunset has been pushed back until after the holiday season. You should still migrate to v1.19 as soon as possible in order to future-proof yourself, but no immediate action is required at this time. The new sunset date for v1.18 will be announced on this blog at a later date.

All of your questions are always welcome on our forum.