We understand the importance of documentation when navigating a system as complex as the AdWords API. For this reason, we would like to remind you about the reference materials available on our Developers site

First off, we’ve updated the Selector Fields page that provides information about the fields that can be used in generic selectors. This information is available on an object’s individual reference page, but we’ve collected it together across entire services for quicker lookups.

Next, we’ve added more columns to the Report Types page to include a field’s type, its behavior, and its XML and display names. The behavior of a field in the generated report describes its effect on zero impression rows as well as whether the field represents historical data or the latest object state.

Finally, we’ve added new tips to our Best Practices Guide on topics such as grouping batch job operations by ad groups and campaigns and using the partial failure feature. The guide is a great resource for developers starting an AdWords API project, but is also useful for established developers trying to increase the efficiency of their applications.

There is a feedback link on the top right hand corner of every page where you can report documentation issues. For technical help, visit our forum or office hours. You can also follow the Google Ads Developer page for all Ads-related updates.