A new release of the DFA Reporting API, version 1.1, extends the ability of your applications to tap into the power and flexibility offered by our new reporting platform.

Feature Parity with ReportBuilder

Using the DFA Reporting API, you can now take advantage of all of the report types in ReportBuilder:


The API contains support for CROSS_DIMENSION_REACH reports, but the backend currently does not. Support for these reports will be turned on at a later date and will be accessible through version 1.1.

Additionally, you may now set a list of recipients to be emailed when a scheduled report runs. We have paved the way for downloading reports in different formats, though currently CSV is the only available option.

A Few Backwards Incompatible Changes

We have taken the opportunity to make a few backwards incompatible changes to the API. It will not be standard procedure to make changes like this in minor version releases, but since the API is still relatively new, locking down the final structure of our API now will reduce changes later and ease development. These changes include:

  • Report files and report criteria now share the same dateRange kind.
  • The urls object in the File resource has changed to support report formats other than CSV.
  • A customRichMediaEvents and an activities kind have been added, both of which are reused between different report types.

Our updated release notes page has a full list of changes for your reference. As always, we highly value your feedback and questions. Please join us on our forum whenever you’d like to reach us.