In an effort to make more features available faster to AdWords API users, we’re launching AdWords API v201109_1, a dot release which includes services to help API users incorporate some recent AdWords web interface launches into their applications. New features include:
  • Keyword match properties NEAR_EXACT and NEAR_PHRASE, which allow API users to opt in/out of these match types.
  • LocationSyncExtension and the reports download service now have OAuth 1.0 support, bringing these services in line with others in the API.
As part of this dot release, we are also launching a few other features that will be available through an invitation-only beta. Similar to beta programs for the AdWords interface, the goal of this beta is to give developers earlier access to specific features, allowing us to incorporate feedback more quickly and innovate more effectively.

Moving forward, we will use dot releases to launch AdWords features more quickly. AdWords API v201109_1 does not start the sunset on prior versions, so you do not need to upgrade immediately. 

Complete release notes are available here. If you have any questions about these changes please reach out to us in the forum or during one of our office hours via Google+ Hangouts.