We are making some changes to the way qualityInfo and firstPageCpc fields are returned by AdGroupCriterionService in AdWords API. Currently, the qualityInfo and firstPageCpc fields are populated for BiddableAdGroupCriterion objects returned in response to AdGroupCriterionService.mutate API calls. Starting the week of June 15th, these fields will no longer be populated in mutate call responses. If you wish to retrieve QualityInfo or firstPageCpc for criteria, you need to retrieve them by making a get() call instead, using the appropriate selector fields. This change will affect all the active versions of the AdWords API.

If your code depends on the current behaviour of AdGroupCriterionService.mutate, please make sure you migrate your code by the week of June 15th. If you have any questions about these changes please reach out to us in the forum or during one of our office hours hangouts.

Update: We have extended the date for this migration till the week of 16th July.