Whether your ads are from AdMob or another source, the focus of your app should always be on delivering the best possible user experience. Ads should be an integral part of your design process, rather than an afterthought so you can ensure that ads complement rather than compete with your content.

Increase Coverage

When choosing where to place your ad units, remember only one ad can be visible on the screen anytime. If your application involves playing a game with the controls at the bottom of the page then it is advisable you place the ad at the top. If your application carries a lot of article pages make sure you implement an ad unit on each of the article pages, sometimes these pages can be forgotten once the main pages are being served.

Increase Fill Rate

Take advantage of the Google certified ad networks feature within your AdMob account. Opting in to AdSense Backfill could help your fill rate improve substantially and therefore positively impact your earnings. Once you have the latest AdMob SDK implemented, you can access additional ad inventory from the Google Ad Network. Remember:

  • The backfill feature is enabled per site ID
  • Ads served from the Google Ad Network will not respect the filter rules set by your site ID at this time.

Increase Competition

Increase competition by keeping your filter list small. Filtering decreases the number of ads that can appear, thereby decreasing your potential earnings as well. Blocking ad groups may have a negative revenue impact because blocked ads won't compete in the auction on your site, and therefore won't drive up potential earnings for that ad space.

Optimize your refresh rate to improve your click-through-rate

It is important to keep in mind that users need time to interact with your content and the ad within your application. An ad that refreshes too often can adversely affect your CTR, by not giving users a chance to view the ad and decide if they are interested in clicking it. We would recommend setting your refresh rate between 45s - 60s and this can be managed within the AdMob interface.

Increase Traffic

If your app doesn't immediately make the top 50 rankings on an app marketplace, you have plenty of promotional options.

  • Advertising can drive downloads and place your app in the top 50 of an app store, where you'll likely enjoy even more downloads from people browsing the store. Read more about Google's solution to help you get discovered through advertising.
  • Get featured: App marketplaces, ranking and review sites tend to highlight the most interesting and advanced app offerings. Try to make your app unique, see more on Android design.
  • Allow social sharing: When people reach a goal in the app (say, a game level) or find something interesting in the app, make it easy for them to share this information directly with their social networks.
  • Cross-promotion is another easy and often free way to drive more users to your app; this occurs when you target users of other apps or properties and promote your app. For more information on promotion check out the guidetotheappgalaxy.com.

We hope these new resources help you make the most of AdMob.