We are pleased to announce a better way to develop and test your code with the DFP API. In v201203 you now have the ability to create a test network through a few easy steps. As an added bonus, you can now access the new test and production networks via the normal login screen. Read below for more information on the new self-service way of creating a development test environment for the API.

Create a Google Account
You'll first need a new Google account since you are only allowed one test network per email address. You'll use this account to authenticate with the API when creating the test network. There is no need to worry about your other DFP accounts and whether they have been linked, you only need a valid Google account.

Setup Your Client Library
As stated earlier, this feature is only available in the API so you'll need to set up your preferred client library in your development environment.

Execute the Example Code
Each of the client libraries has an example that you can run with your Google account credentials. This sample code executes the NetworkService.makeTestNetwork() service to create the network. After running this, your network will be ready to use and you will get a printout similar to the message below.

If you instead receive an error with the message
you will need to create a new Google account and try again.

Differences for the Test Network
A test network differs from a production network; in particular, a test network does not serve ads and can not be used in conjunction with any ad tags. As a result, the ForecastService provides mock forecasting information as specified in the documentation. Lastly, a test network offers only small business account features. If you need access to DFP Premium features contact your account manager for assistance.

Client Libraries
Once you've made the transition to a new test network you will no longer need to use the sandbox options in the client libraries. The new test networks utilize the same API endpoint as your production network so you only have to change your credentials and network code when preparing your code for a production release.

Sandbox Deprecation
In the coming months we will be phasing out support for the sandbox networks. Please take the time to migrate to a test network to ensure your testing is not interrupted.

Stay tuned for more DFP API blog posts including one discussing forecasting in the test networks. As always, let us know if you want to see any new features or blog posts on our forum.