The Ad Exchange Team is excited to make this set of resources available to our developer community. Below you’ll find new and better ways to work with the Ad Exchange. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us via the forum.

New website
  • Built on top of Google’s new developers platform, we’ve created a new site for our community. There you’ll find docs for the real-time bidding (RTB) protocol, the REST API and the SOAP API. Plus, we’ve revamped the docs to make them easier to use and understand. 
Access to the Ad Exchange REST API
  • This API gives you the ability to manage your RTB account configurations, submit creatives and list direct deals. Contact your technical account representative to set up access to the API. Then, try it out before you write a line of code, using the API explorer
Client library support and code examples in major programming languages 
  • Trying out the client libraries first might save you a lot of time compared to coding directly against the APIs. Also, check out our code examples in your preferred programming language for both the SOAP and REST APIs. 
Access to the Ad Exchange Buyer API’s Forum 
  • The Ad Exchange Buyer APIs Forum is a Google-monitored environment for public discussions where you can ask - and, if you like, answer - questions regarding the REST and SOAP APIs.