Last quarter we announced the release of Ad Catalog for Android, a sample project that demonstrates how to incorporate ads into your application using the Google AdMob SDK. Today, we are excited to announce the release of a walkthrough video to help you get started with Ad Catalog in five minutes! This video will guide you through the entire setup process, from downloading the source code to running it on an emulator. The only preconditions are that you have Eclipse installed as well as an Android SDK version 3.2 or higher.

Ad Catalog shows you two implementations for standard banner ads. You can select the size of the ad that is displayed on the Banners screen by selecting either the 320x50 standard banner ad or the 300x250 medium rectangle ad.

In addition to display ads, Ad Catalog demonstrates various use cases for interstitial ads. Ad Catalog provides examples on how to include interstitial ads in between game levels, before loading a YouTube video, and in between a screen swipe. There is also an option to receive a splash screen interstitial ad. If enabled, the app will load and display an interstitial ad the next time it starts up.

The first version of the Android Ad Catalog source code can be downloaded from the google-mobile-dev project. In the next version, we plan to add examples of banner ads in various advanced layouts. The iOS implementation of Ad Catalog is almost complete, so stay tuned for another release announcement. We appreciate your feedback, so please post any questions or feature requests you may have to our forum.