Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of a beta version of the AdMob SDK for Windows Phone 8 to help you monetize your Windows Phone 8 applications! The key features of this SDK include the ability to:
  • Create an AdMob banner view from code
  • Embed an AdMob banner directly in an XAML file
  • Show full-screen interstitial ads
  • Register for ad events such as succeeding or failing to receive an ad
This beta version of the SDK does not include the following features that are available on iOS and Android:
  • Ad Network Mediation
  • Support for DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Search Ads for Mobile Apps support
  • MRAID support
It should also be noted that Windows RT is not supported at this time.

You can get the Windows Phone 8 SDK from our downloads page, and check out the getting started guide for developer instructions. To register an ad unit, you’ll need to have upgraded to the new AdMob. Any questions can be directed to our developer forum, and be sure to stay tuned on the Google Ads Developers Plus page for news on all Google Ads developer products.