We're pleased to announce that the AdWords API Workshops are coming back for another round in October and November of 2013. Registration is now open.

Workshop topics include:
  • The latest on the AdWords API and newly released features
  • AdWords API Best practices and OAuth migration
  • In-depth coverage of reporting, billing, feed services, and more
  • Drop-in tools you can use to enhance your platform
  • Building landing pages optimized for mobile devices

The workshops are a great way for you to meet with and ask questions of the Google AdWords API team in person. This is also a key occasion for members of the community to bring their feedback directly to us. It’s also a great opportunity for you to exchange ideas and best practices with fellow developers.

Register now and join us at a workshop in one of the following cities:
  • Paris, France, October 28 (in English)
  • Hamburg, Germany, October 30 (in English)
  • London, UK, November 4 (in English)
  • New York City, USA, November 4 (in English)
  • San Francisco, USA, November 8 (in English)
  • Moscow, Russia, November 8 (in Russian)
  • Tokyo, Japan, November 11 (in Japanese)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 22 (in Spanish)
  • São Paulo, Brazil, November 26 (in Portuguese)

The workshops in the USA and Europe are technical in nature and best suited to developers. Those in Argentina, Brazil, and Japan will have additional sessions accessible to a broader audience, including non-developers.

For more information on the agenda, location and logistics, please visit the Q4 2013 AdWords API Workshop website.

 - Marc Wandschneider, AdWords API Team