ClientLogin support has been deprecated across Google in favor of the security enhanced OAuth2 authentication mechanism.

AdWords and DFP will be sunsetting ClientLogin support in all API versions to be released, starting in 2014. To ensure uniform, and high, standards of privacy and security for our advertisers and publishers, we will support only OAuth2 in the future.

All current AdWords and DFP API versions, and those released during rest of year in 2013 will continue to support ClientLogin. The client libraries will retain support for ClientLogin authentication until 2013 API versions are sunset.

2013 AdWords API versions are expected to be sunset in June 2014. We will have a follow up announcement for DFP APIs.

For uninterrupted use of the APIs, please migrate to OAuth2 as soon as possible. To help you migrate, we’ve put together a comprehensive set of OAuth2 information including a video overview, links to documentation and a full list of client library resources.

With so many users already migrated, most questions have been answered in either the AdWords API forum or the DFP API forum. To get face-to-face assistance, attend one of our upcoming Office Hours sessions focusing on ClientLogin to OAuth2 migration.