Update: any change to NetworkSetting.targetGoogleSearch will throw a TargetError.TARGET_ERROR after this update takes place.

We'll soon be updating the AdWords API to prevent a subset of CampaignOperation modifications to theNetworkSetting for existing campaigns. Display-only campaigns have been evolving over time, and have developed unique features which make switching these campaigns between Search-only and Search-and-Display unreliable. Today, these modifications can unintentionally change campaign behavior (for instance, disabling certain display-specific targeting), potentially causing confusion and negatively impacting the advertiser experience. So starting in early October, we'll begin returning errors for these NetworkSetting changes.

What this means for you: If you do not make use of the NetworkSetting to change the network for existing campaigns, this change will not affect you.

In a few weeks, any change to NetworkSetting.targetGoogleSearch will throw errors for all versions of the API.

All other NetworkSetting modifications will continue to behave as before.