We’re pleased to announce the newest DFA Reporting API release, version 1.2. This version’s main additions include paid search dimensions and a way to view all reports and files in your account, not just those that you own.

Paid Search

Paid search dimensions have been added to the API with this release. We also added support for these new dimensions to version 1.1, but only version 1.2 contains the new matchType field in the DimensionValue resource allowing you to filter paid search dimensions by one of the following:


Report Sharing

We have added the ability to list all reports and files in your DFA account (in addition to those owned by you). You may also optionally list just those files that have been shared with you using the Files resource. You can find this option in the scope parameter in the input to the respective list methods.

Refer to the release notes in our developer documentation for more details. We’re always available to answer your questions on our forum, or you can reach out to us on our Google+ Page.