To provide more control and precision over bids in enhanced campaigns, we’ve now made ad group level mobile bid adjustments available in the AdWords API, as previously announced.

While the majority of advertisers will still see the most value in using the existing campaign level bid adjustments, this new feature will be useful for those who wish to set different mobile bid adjustments within an enhanced campaign. The functionality is accessible via the new AdGroupBidModifierService for all currently available AdWords API versions. It is not required to migrate to a different version of the API to use this new service. Please refer to this guide covering technical aspects of the release.

The new feature is only available for enhanced campaigns, so if you haven’t upgraded yet, now would be a good time. As a reminder, we will begin automatically upgrading all AdWords campaigns to enhanced campaigns starting on July 22, 2013.

If you have any questions regarding this new feature or enhanced campaigns, feel free to ask us on the forum, during office hours or via the Plus page.