We’re pleased to announce that version 1.2 of the Ad Exchange Buyer REST API is now available. This release provides one of the most requested features— detailed creative disapproval reasons. Additionally, it also provides a new field for creatives that can be used to identify the agency providing the creative and a new field for direct deals that can be used to determine whether a deal originated from a private auction. You may view a more specific listing of the changes implemented in v1.2 in our release notes.

Detailed Creative Disapproval Reasons

The Creatives resource now has an improved disapprovalReasons field. Previously, this field provided a list of strings that described the reason for disapproval in a broad context that may have been somewhat ambiguous. Each element of disapprovalReasons now provides two additional fields— reason and details. One can use disapprovalReasons.reason in order to access a categorized reason for disapproval, or use disapprovalReasons.details to retrieve a list of strings describing the disapproval reason in detail.

Identify Where Your Ads Came From

Publishers now have greater control over their inventory— e.g. with the new inventory management system, they may set rules that could offer special pricing or limit access to a specific set of creative agencies. With the new agencyId field, you can identify the creative agency that produced the ad with one of the IDs listed in agencies.txt, and consequently gain access to publisher inventory that utilizes these features.

Determine Your Eligibility for Private Auction Deals

We’ve given publishers the ability to create private auction deals, which you can read more about in our help center. You can now determine whether you have a fixed price deal or private auction deal by checking the private_exchange_min_cpm field— if it is set instead of the fixed_cpm field, you have a private auction deal. When you bid on ad slots from the publisher offering this deal, you are expected to offer at least the amount provided by this field.

You can read more about the new features in the Buyer REST v1.2 documentation. As always, we welcome you to join us on our forum to discuss and ask questions about these changes. To keep informed on all of our ads-related technologies, follow our Google Ads Developers Google+ page.