We recently announced improvements to AdWords called enhanced campaigns. Today’s consumers are constantly connected and using many different devices, so we’ve developed enhanced campaigns to help advertisers reach them more effectively and more easily.

As part of the announcement of enhanced campaigns, we’ve enabled several new capabilities in the API including the ability to:
  • Upgrade campaigns to enhanced campaigns
  • Submit new ads marked as mobile preferred
  • Set a mobile bid adjustment 
  • Retrieve Google suggested mobile bid adjustment for upgrading legacy campaigns to enhanced campaigns
These features are available for AdWords API developers through the forwardCompatibilityMap field, already available in Adwords API versions v201206 and v201209. For more information on how to use the Forward Compatibility Maps please consult this guide.

With the launch of enhanced campaigns, we have also updated the Required Minimum Functionality. Please review these materials carefully as you begin to develop your applications to create and upgrade to enhanced campaigns.

As always, we encourage you to review the resources in the AdWords API client libraries, as we have updated code examples. And if you have any questions, please post them on the AdWords API forum.

Posted by S Srikanth Belwadi - Product Manager, Adwords