We are happy to announce the latest SDK release, v6.3.0, for both Android and iOS. v6.3.0 is a bug-fix release that includes:

  • Improved logging messages on Android
  • Fix for crash in Eclipse when defining an AdView in the graphical XML layout editor
  • New logging statement that provides the ID to pass to request.testDevices on iOS to enable test ads on a specific device
  • Support for test ads on iOS6
  • Fix for crash in GADMraidInterceptor on iOS

Check out the release notes for a full list of updates. Let us know on the forum if you have any questions about the new release. You can also follow us on our Google+ page for ads-related updates.

Deprecation of Old AdMob SDKs

With the release of v6.3.0, we are deprecating old versions of the AdMob SDK to help us better support newer versions. Starting March 18, 2013, we will no longer support ad requests made through AdMob SDKs released before 2011. Requests that come from apps using deprecated versions of the SDK will no longer receive ads.

Which versions of the SDK are you deprecating?

We are deprecating all SDKs which were released before 2011. On Android, this includes any SDK released on November 9, 2010 or before. On iOS, this includes any SDK released on September 8, 2010 or before. See below for information on how to determine if your SDK version is being deprecated.

How do I determine if my SDK version is being deprecated?

For Android, if your code references com.admob.android.ads.* then you are using one of the SDKs that needs to be updated.

For iOS, if you have headers such as AdMobView.h or AdMobDelegateProtocol.h in your application, then you are using one of the SDKs that needs to be updated.

I’ve upgraded my app to use a recent version of the SDK. What will happen to traffic coming from older versions of the SDK starting on March 18?

We recommend you encourage your users to upgrade to the latest version of your app. Traffic from older versions of the app still using the legacy SDKs will no longer receive ads.

Are there any additional benefits to upgrading?

The more recent SDK versions provide performance enhancements, access to our latest ad units, and fixes for common issues.