We are pleased to announce the release of version 3 of the IMA HTML5 SDK. This latest release of the IMA HTML5 SDK allows greater flexibility in what kinds of ads you can use in your player and provides support for DFP Video:
  • Ad rules as described in the Help Center
  • Optimized Pods* - TV-style ad breaks consisting of multiple video ads which algorithmically chosen to optimize for line item priority, pacing goals, and revenue
  • Video Fallback* - Option to maximize your overall fill-rate across multiple third-party ad networks and redirects
  • Skippable Video Ads* - Video ads which may be skipped by the user after a minimum duration as configured in DFP
* These DFP Video features are currently in beta.

In addition, the IMA HTML5 SDK is compatible with desktop browsers, Chrome on Android and mobile Safari 5.0+ and has been streamlined to function very similarly to the IMA Flash SDK. Please review the API documentation for the IMA HTML5 SDK. For a detailed description of the features in this release organized by sub-release, refer to the v3 Release History.

Note: Integrating your video player with this latest version of the IMA HTML5 SDK does not require downloading any additional resources. Proceed directly to the integration instructions to begin.

Let us know on the forum if you have any questions about the new release. You can also follow us on our Google+ page for ads-related updates.