Despite the fact that winter is upon us, DFP API developers are resisting the urge to slow down their integration efforts. We continue to see increased traffic on the forum and hear about new integrations nearly every day. To keep this momentum going and keep you up to date on the DFP API we'd like to share two exciting developments with you.

Yesterday we announced the DFP Third Party Partner Directory on the DFP Product blog. This listing is available to all our publisher partners and let's them know about all the great innovative products available from our DFP developer ecosystem. To get your solution listed as one of our preferred DFP partners integrate with the DFP API and submit an application to this form.
Second, for those of you still thinking about integrating with DFP, check out our recent hangout with Yieldex or tune in to Google Developers Live today to join in the discussion with maanto. Come hear directly from your peers as they describe the experience of working with the new API. We hope to see you there.

As always, let us know if you want to see any new features or blog posts on our forum.