We know that you depend on having a free, easy-to-use and robust test environment to test AdWords API clients. We had created the AdWords API sandbox, but it differed enough from the production environment to affect your development and testing. We listened to your feedback of wanting the same versions, features and error messages as the production environment.

As a result, we are introducing test accounts on the production system in place of the AdWords API Sandbox.

The AdWords API Sandbox is now deprecated and will be sunset on Dec 15, 2012. We strongly encourage all developers to obtain a test account to continue testing.

AdWords API Test Accounts

  • Calls made using a test account will be free, so you can develop and debug your applications without spending API units.
  • There will be identical error handling for test and production accounts and hence less time spent troubleshooting bugs or working around differences between the two systems.
  • Test account campaign data has no effect on live campaigns, so you can test campaign management without affecting live campaign data and without serving ads to users.
  • Test accounts do require a developer token. However, an approved token is not a prerequisite to using a test account. So if you are a new developer, you can start experimenting with the AdWords API even while your token is being reviewed.

Getting Started with your Test Account

If you already have an AdWords API developer token, or have recently applied for one, you can obtain a test account, and start testing on the production system. You can find more details about how to get a test account on the AdWords API Developers site.

If you are a new developer and don't have a developer token yet, please apply for a token first. You don't need to wait for your developer token to be approved before using it with a test account.

Again, the AdWords API sandbox will be sunset on Dec 15, 2012. After this date, you will need a developer token, either approved or pending, to test your API clients.

So don't wait, go get your test account, and get on with developing great apps!