Version 1.1 of the Buyer REST API has been released bringing the following changes:

  • A list method has been added for the Creatives resource. 
  • The adgroupId has been removed from the Creatives resource. 
  • A region property has been added to the bidderLocation[] object. 

Creatives.List Method added 
The list method retrieves a list of all of the authenticated user's active creatives. Optional parameters allow you to set the maximum number of Creatives resources to return each time you call the method. You can also filter the contents of the list by the status of creatives, for example to restrict the contents of the list to those ads that have been approved. Valid status values are approved, disapproved, and not_checked.

Removed adgroupId property 
Beginning with Version 1.1 of the Buyer REST API, the adgroupId will no longer be returned from method calls. In addition, passing the adgroupId value to a Creatives method will raise an error. However, a creative submitted through the API can be used to respond to a pretargeting match for any ad group. The removal of this value means that the key to uniquely identify a creative now consists of accountId + buyerCreativeId.

Added region property to bidderLocation[] 
The bidderLocation[] list in the Account resource now includes a third value. The region property describes the region for the bidder location. You can contact your customer representative to determine whether or not your account is in the new quota system.

The value of region describes the geographical region from which the Ad Exchange should send requests. This value is used by the new quota system. Allowed values:

  • ASIA 
  • US_EAST 
  • US_WEST 
 -- Irene Smith, Ad Exchange Team