Today, we announced a major new feature in AdWords that will benefit app developers using AdMob. For the first time, AdWords advertisers will have access to mobile app inventory, giving them the ability to create and manage ad campaigns directly from the AdWords interface. This means that AdMob partners will have access to more than one million advertisers currently using AdWords.

What does this mean for app developers?

Starting today, a new campaign type is available in AdWords that makes it easy to launch an ad campaign to run on mobile apps on the AdMob network. If you are interested in learning how this will exist in the AdWords account see HERE.

This will give far wider pool of advertisers the ability to bid for and run ads in your apps. Over time, we’re confident this increased demand improve performance and result in the delivery of more high quality ads that are well suited to users’ interests.

In the short term, you’ll see more Google ads served in your app as advertisers start using this new feature.

How does this affect filtering?

All filters you currently use for AdMob ads will be respected for AdWords ads as well. However, please be aware that your filters will still not apply to Google Certified Ad Networks. You will be able to opt out of showing ads from Google Certified Ad Networks if you require filters across all your inventory.

Posted by Vishay Nihalani, Product Manager, Google Mobile Ads