In this blog post, we will help you understand how you can monetize your mobile applications while following our ad placement guidelines to ensure a good experience for your users.

As you may know, Google takes issues regarding program policy compliance very seriously. We have our AdSense program policies and AdMob program policies to help ensure a positive experience for our publishers, our users, and our advertisers. As such, we ask that our publishers/developers comply with these policies.

One of the most common policy violations is placing ads in a way which can trigger accidental clicks. Your ads’ proximity to the other elements within your application can influence whether or not users click on ads by accident.

Here are some tips to decrease the chances of accidental clicks:

  1. Ads should not be right next to interactive buttons, such as a “next” button, or on a game play screen where users are interacting continuously with the application. We have seen that when a user is clicking or tapping repeatedly within an application and there is an ad near or within the interaction area, there is a much higher rate of invalid activity.
  2. If the space within your application is limited, it helps to then delineate the ad from the application content by creating a thick border between the ad and the application’s interactive portion.
An example of a placement to avoid:

A recommended ad placement in this scenario:

Please double check your ads’ implementation with the tips above. With the right implementation, you’ll be able to monetize your application properly without accidental clicks.