We announced in a previous post an easier way to test with the DFP API. We've iterated quickly and improved on that solution and we are also setting a date for the shutdown of the sandbox.

Test Accounts
When we initially launched the new test networks, you had to create a new Google account if you had any type of DFP network associated with the account. We've lifted this restriction. Now each Google account is always allowed to create a single test network using NetworkService.makeTestNetwork(). This means you can use the same google account for production and test networks.

Sandbox Shutdown
Now that we've given you a bit of time to switch off of the sandbox environment, we're announcing that we are shutting it down on May 24th, 2012. This allows for another month of testing, but we hope you will migrate to the new test networks as soon as possible.

Happy testing and stay tuned for more DFP API blog posts. Don't forget to join us on our next Hangout and, as always, let us know if you want to see any new features or blog posts on our forum.