Last year we exposed advanced location targeting settings in the AdWords API, using the GeoTargetTypeSetting object. Based on customer feedback we are now rolling out a series of changes to improve the power and clarity of this feature. The full details of these changes can be found on the Inside AdWords blog, but some highlights are:

  • The advanced location targeting settings now apply to Display Network traffic in addition to Google Search and the Search Network traffic.
  • The default value of the exclusion setting will be more restrictive for new campaigns, taking into account both the physical location and the area of interest. In API terms, GeoTargetTypeSetting.negativeGeoTargetType will default to DONT_CARE for new campaigns. The value will not be updated for existing campaigns.
  • The AdWords web interface has reworded the language used to describe these settings. If you provide a user interface you may want to update your language as well.

If you have any questions about these changes please reach out to us in the forum or during one of our office hours hangouts.