If you are an advanced AdSense Management API user, your application may have run into one of the several different limits we have in place. We’ve created a new documentation page to keep track of system limits, but here’s a small description of what they are and what you can do to avoid them.

API Courtesy Limit

This limit refers to the number of requests your project can make via the API in a single day, across all of your users or AdSense accounts. This is set to 10,000 queries per day for all new projects.

If you’re running into the limit, feel free to request more from the “Quotas” page for your project, in the APIs Console. We’ll look at your request and project usage history, then decide an appropriate limit to set in place.

Page size for “list” calls

The various “list” methods in the AdSense Management API are paginated, with a default size of 10,000 entries per page. You can configure this limit yourself in your request with the maxResults parameter, but you can’t set it to any value greater than 10,000.


For regular, unpaginated reports, the maximum number of rows that the API will return is 50,000. If your report is larger than that, it will be truncated at 50,000 rows.

Pagination in reports should only be used when strictly necessary, as it’s generally only useful to applications running in devices with severe storage constraints. Because of this, paginated reports are limited to 5,000 rows and any attempt to obtain data beyond the 5000th row will return an error.

Let us know in our forum if you have any questions!