Starting with v201109, we enabled stricter validation of the SOAP Body, meaning that XML that did not closely follow the XML Schema defined in the WSDL would be rejected with a SOAP fault. This stricter validation enables developers to detect flaws in their applications, such as sending an unsupported field, at development time rather than later discovering that field was ignored.

In the coming weeks, we will also be enabling stricter validation of the SOAP Headers. Currently, SOAP Headers that don’t validate against the XML Schema are ignored. This includes headers such as clientEmail/applicationToken (both of which do not apply to v201109) or partialFailure, which is case sensitive (will not accept “TRUE” or “True”, only “true”). When clientEmail is ignored, the request will target the authenticating account (often an MCC), which will, for example, return an error message if you attempt to add a Campaign or no results if you make a GET request.

The stricter validation will trigger a SOAP fault for any SOAP Headers that do not match the XML Schema defined in the WSDL. This may cause your application to see more errors such as those referenced in our previous blog post. This validation will enable developers to better detect bugs in their application that were previously silently ignored.

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