When we launched the new DFP a couple of years ago, one of the major changes was a new API and accompanying support infrastructure. The DFP API brought many significant enhancements to DFP and is a core component of our overall offering. However, as our publishers and partners went through the upgrade process, they had to rebuild any DART API integrations from scratch. In addition, due to the rapid development cycle of DFP, we were pushing out new versions very quickly.

While the terms of service for our API call for only a 6-month window to support each version, to limit the impact to our developers, we've continued to support every version of the DFP API released to date -- that’s 12 and counting. While we've had a “soft” deprecation for older versions, we've only removed documentation - those versions have continued to run.

By the end of this year, all upgrades will be complete and the release schedule for the API will continue on a regular quarterly basis. Given the growing use of our API -- not to mention the growing number of versions we’re supporting -- we’ll need to begin hard deprecations for older versions. As a result, we’re introducing a new deprecation schedule and want to give all our developers enough time to plan for upgrades.

Going forward we are planning to deprecate each version one year after its release. This means at any time we’ll be supporting four versions. For example, when the Q1 release (v201402) comes out, we’ll deprecate support for the Q2 release of the previous year (v201302). That depreciation will be a “soft” one and it will still run until the Q2 release before being completely turned off; i.e. every version will be accessible for approximately 14 months.

In order to help developers adjust, we’ll be phasing in this new schedule. Our next scheduled release will be in Q1. On April 1st, 2014, we will be turning off v201206 and older, and putting v201302 and lower into “soft” deprecation. On August 1st, we’ll be turning off v201302 and older, and v201308 and v201306 will go into “soft” deprecation.

As of April 1st, 2014, these will be the only versions supported on DFP:

 Version  State 
 v201402  Scheduled 
 v201311  Supported 
 v201308  Supported 
 v201306  Supported 
 v201302  Soft deprecated 
 v201211  Soft deprecated 
 v201208  Soft deprecated 
 v201206  Deprecated 
 v201204  Deprecated 
 v201203  Deprecated 
 v201201  Deprecated 
 v201111  Deprecated 
 v201108  Deprecated 

As of August 1st, 2014, these will be the only versions supported on DFP:

 Version  State 
 v201408  Supported 
 v201405  Supported 
 v201402  Supported 
 v201311  Supported 
 v201308  Soft deprecated 
 v201306  Soft deprecated 
 v201302  Deprecated 
 v201211  Deprecated 
 v201208  Deprecated 

And finally, as of approximately a year from now, these will be the only supported versions:

 Version  State 
 v201411  Supported 
 v201408  Supported 
 v201405  Supported 
 v201402  Supported 
 v201311  Soft deprecated 
 v201308  Deprecated 
 v201306  Deprecated 

If you are using any version less than v201308 right now, you need to upgrade by August 1st, 2014 and if you are using any version less than v201211 right now, you should plan to upgrade in Q1 2014.

Our recommendation is to upgrade to v201311 now. This will delay your need to upgrade until Q1 2015.

Finally, just a reminder that v201311 is the last version to support ClientLogin and OAuth 1.0 authentication mechanisms. All future versions only support OAuth2. It’s also the last version supported by the old Java client library which means there’s no support for new API releases next year. When v201311 is deprecated in Q4 of 2014, everyone will need to be on a newer version using OAuth2 and the new Java client library.

If you have any questions, please let us know on our Ads Developer Google+ page.

-- The DFP API Team