The new Google Mobile Ads SDK for Android is now included as part of Google Play services 4.0.

As an Android developer, you’re probably familiar with Google Play services, a unified platform which makes it easy to integrate Google features into your Android apps, delivered through the Play Store and updated at regular intervals. Now that AdMob is part of the package, benefits include:

  • Seamless auto-updates: Changes to the Google Mobile Ads SDK for Android get pushed seamlessly to users through Google Play services. For most SDK updates you don’t need to update your apps each time it changes, saving you development time.
  • Take advantage of Google services: Implement features easily into your apps, such as Google Maps, Google Wallet and the Location API.
  • Better for users: Android users are saved the hassle of managing updates to multiple apps, because improvements can be received automatically in the background.

This new version of Google Play services supports devices running Android 2.3 and higher. We recommend updating your apps right away to make ongoing maintenance of your apps easier. Even if you develop for Android devices that don’t receive Google Play services, the Google Mobile Ads SDK is still compatible with those devices, the difference is that users won’t receive automatic updates. Also, please note, the SDK doesn’t currently support DFP, Ad Exchange or Search Ads for Mobile Apps but support is coming soon.

You can find the new SDK in the SDK Manager; follow these instructions to get it, and find the release notes here. If you have questions about it please post to the forum or check out our G+ page.

Posted by Vishay Nihalani, Product Manager, AdMob