Recently we announced how we’re helping publishers grow with DFP small business. This included making a number of features available to small business networks. In this blog post, we’ll describe how these changes affect the way small business networks use the API.


Creatives can now be reused for small business networks. When using LineItemCreativeAssociationService.createLineItemCreativeAssociation, you can now use an existing creative for the LineItemCreativeAssociation.creativeId instead of having to copy the creative.

CustomCreatives and TemplateCreatives are now available to small business networks as well. The following creatives that were previously only for small business networks now come back as TemplateCreatives starting in v201306:
  • FlashExpandableCreative → TemplateCreative.creativeTemplateId of 10001160.
  • FlashPushdownCreative → TemplateCreative.creativeTemplateId of 10001400.
  • FloatingFlashCreative → TemplateCreative.creativeTemplateId of 10000560.
  • TextAdCreative → TemplateCreative.creativeTemplateId of 10000440.

Targeting and Delivery

All custom targeting matchTypes are now available to small business networks and can be set on a CustomTargetingValue object when creating custom targeting using the CustomTargetingService.

Since competitive exclusions and ad exclusions are now available to small business networks, you can use the LabelService to create and manage labels for them. They can then be set on the LineItem.appliedLabels and AdUnits.appliedLabels fields.


Reach reports are now available to small business networks. You can run reach reports via the API using the ReportService’s reach report columns and reach report date range types.

City-level geographic data has also been made available in reports for small business networks and can be added to reports using the city dimensions.

Network administration

Since custom user roles are now available to small business networks, if you create a custom user role using the web UI, you can use UserService.getAllRoles to obtain the IDs of those roles and assign them to your users.

If you’re a small business network and have any questions or concerns about how these changes may affect your API use, please post your questions to the DFP API forums. Additionally, the Ads Java client library’s DFP examples are a great place to start exploring these additional features.