We recently created two visual representations, the Basic SDK Interaction Diagram and the SDK-Player Interaction Diagram, that illustrate the actions that occur once your video player is fully integrated with the v3 IMA SDK. These diagrams outline both:
  • the high level interactions that take place among the IMA SDK, DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), AdSense for Video (AFV), Ad Exchange (AdX) and any third party ad servers
  • the more detailed communications that take place between the IMA SDK and your video player
The diagrams are meant to assist you when integrating your video player with the v3 IMA SDK. They can help to visualize the interactions that are taking place when video content and ads are being played (as well as the sequence in which these actions are occurring). Both diagrams are available within the left-hand navigation of the IMA SDK documentation under Resources and are linked to directly from within the IMA HTML5 SDK and IMA Flash SDK Working with Ads pages.

Feel free to contact us on the forum if you have any questions about these new learning tools and if you found them useful (or use the Feedback on this document link on the page). You can also reach out to us on our Google+ page.