Last year we featured a series of posts called Chart Tools week to connect the AdSense Management API to Google Chart Tools. The resulting code samples have been updated to version 1.2 of the API.

There are four episodes that can be used as a great exercise to familiarize yourself with the AdSense Management API and Google Chart Tools:
  • Monday: Apparently, your CEO wants more than a spreadsheet. This exercise connects the necessary parts to create a line chart that securely fetches data from your AdSense account. [code, result]
  • Tuesday: Your boss loved the idea but he wants a column bar chart with shadows and 3D graphics. This is no longer 1989 so you rely on the tasteful aesthetics of Google Chart Tools to show multiple metrics in a single bar chart. [code, result]
  • Wednesday: To complete the dashboard, we add a table and geo chart that will show our performance per country. [code, table, geo chart]
  • Thursday: This last exercise lets you explore controls and dashboards which are advanced features of Google Chart Tools. A slider filters results by one of the metrics. [code, result]

If you have any questions about these samples or the AdSense APIs in general, visit the AdSense API Forum. You can also follow our Google Ads Developers Google+ page for ad-related updates.

 - , AdSense API Team