We’ve always enabled advertisers to export their ad campaigns from AdWords to accomplish their online advertising goals. We recently committed to updating our AdWords API Terms and Conditions to give advertisers using third party ad management tools even more flexibility.

Today, we’re making the following changes to the Adwords API Terms and Conditions:
  1. We’ve removed former Section III(2)(c)(i) (“Co-Mingling of AdWords Data: Input Fields for Creation Functionality and Management Functionality”), which covered Adwords API clients showing input fields that collected or transmitted campaign management data in the same tab or screen with the content of third parties.
  2. We’ve removed former Section III(2)(c)(ii) (“Co-Mingling of AdWords Data: Copying Data”), which covered AdWords API clients offering functionality that copied campaign management data between Google and a third party.
  3. We’ve updated Section (III)(2)(f) ("Required Minimum Functionality"), in part by adding subsection (ii) (“Data Transmission”), which requires disclosure to users of the names of networks the data is transmitted to, explanation of any incompatibilities, and opportunities for users to resolve any issues.
For more information about these changes, please review our updated Terms and Conditions.

- The AdWords API Team