On February 9th, 2013, we will be sunsetting all versions of the Java DART API prior to 13.4.8. This change has been planned since August. We extended the deadline for this change from its original date to February, and now this deadline is quickly approaching.

We will continue to support the current as well as the three previous versions of the Java DART API. You can expect to update your applications once a year under this new policy. Version 13.4.8 is currently the earliest version supported, but another release is on the horizon in March, 2013. To better future-proof yourself, we strongly recommend that you use at least version 13.6 or consider upgrading to the DFA Reporting API.

After February 9th, requests from a version prior to 13.4.8 will begin returning errors. You can find the latest download for this API in our help center. Please ensure your applications are updated. You can reach out to us with questions and concerns on our forum.