As previously mentioned, AdWords now supports new matching behavior for exact and phrase match keywords. Support was added in v201109_1 that allows toggling of this setting. In order to better support reporting on the performance of this new feature, the Search Query Performance Report will gain a new field, MatchTypeWithVariant, which will now return two additional enum values in addition to the existing values of the MatchType field (enum values / display values):
  • NEAR_EXACT / exact (close variant)
  • NEAR_PHRASE / phrase (close variant)
The existing MatchType field will continue to return only the values it does today. This means that a value that would return “exact (close variant)” from MatchTypeWithVariant will return as “exact” for field MatchType.

This new field will be available starting the week of Monday June 4th.

If you have any questions about this change or other issues, please post on the forum or attend one of the AdWords API Office Hours Hangouts.