Last week we sunset all versions of the AdWords API prior to v201109. If you have not yet migrated to v201109, you will now receive errors when making calls using previous versions.

For users still working on the transition from v13 to AdHoc reports, we want to remind you of resources available to help you out:
  • The report migration guide provides a side-by-side mapping between the fields available in the v13 ReportService and those available in v201109.
  • The mapping report to the UI guide maps the concepts and naming conventions used in the User Interface (UI) and the AdWords API reports.
  • Report basics covers how to structure and download reports.
  • This blogpost covers best practices for when to schedule reports, and this post covers how to download reports for multiple clients.
For additional resources visit the AdWords API documentation.

We also encourage you to submit questions to the forum or ask them during office hours.