As you may have recently read on the Inside AdWords blog we’ve increased various limits for Google AdWords accounts. Most notably it’s now possible to have up to 10,000 campaigns and three million keywords in an account. These and other product limits are listed in the AdWords Help Center, with additional API technical limits available on the System Limits page.

As a reminder, when dealing with large numbers of API objects it’s best to utilize paging in your requests, which allows you to fetch the data in smaller batches. The example code in our client libraries demonstrates how to use paging effectively. However, paging alone is insufficient to retrieve data sets with over 10,000 items and in those situations we recommend you either use predicates to limit the size of the results or use report downloads to get the full set of data.

If you have questions about these new limits or how they affect your API development you can reach us on the forum or during our regular office hours.