We would like to announce the release of the DFP Showcase application for iOS and Android, as well as v2 of the Ad Catalog project for Android.

DFP Showcase

DFP Showcase is a sample project that features the various creative types you can display in mobile applications with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Mobile. DFP Mobile provides publishers the ability to set up campaigns with different ad types, and uses the Google AdMob Ads SDK to display the ads in mobile applications.

The DFP Showcase application features expandable ads, image animation, click to map, and more!

You can download DFP Showcase directly or clone the source code from the dfpshowcase-android or dfpshowcase-ios repositories.

Ad Catalog v2

We are pleased to announce the release of Ad Catalog v2 for Android. This new version shows examples of best practices for ad placement in four different types of layouts - TabView, ListView, OpenGLView, and ScrollView.

Here are some details about the implementation of these examples:

  • The TabView example makes use of Android’s v4 support library to implement fragments for tabs while maintaining support for Android 1.5 and higher.
  • The ListView example adapter was written to accept any type of list items, and will embed ads every kth item in the list provided.
  • The OpenGLView and ScrollView examples show how to dock an ad to the top or bottom, but outside the content on the screen.

You can get v2 of the Ad Catalog by downloading a zip file from the google-mobile-dev download page or by cloning the source code.

Have any questions, comments, or feature requests for the DFP Showcase or Ad Catalog projects? Let us know on the forum, or join us during office hours! Also, stay tuned for the release of Ad Catalog v2 for iOS.